5 October 12:30 PM
  • Lunch & Learn - Level Up With LinkedIn

  • Location: Rawls College, 115
  • Topical Areas: Career Management Center (CMC), Energy Commerce and Business Economics, Area of Finance, Area of ISQS, Area of Management, Area of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Rawls Graduate Programs, Undergraduate Services Center, Student Organizations
6 October 3:00 PM
6 October 6:00 PM
6 October 11:00 AM
  • Stand out Resume Workshop

  • Location: Rm 015
  • Topical Areas: Career Management Center (CMC), Workshops and Speaker Series, Undergraduate Services Center, Student Organizations
8 October 4:00 PM
  • Rawls Homecoming Open House for Alumni

  • Location: Rawls College of Business
  • Topical Areas: Engagement and External Relations, Rawls in Austin, Rawls in Dallas, Rawls in Houston, Rawls in Fort Worth, Rawls in Lubbock, Rawls in Midland, Rawls in San Antonio

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